Hacky Sack Anyone? #pokemongo

Hubby has always been really into hacky sack, as has his dad, so it’s something we’ve started doing, as a family, in the evenings. I think the last time I played was when I was 8 or so months pregnant with Michael, and he just turned 10 on August 11th! So it had been a while. We got some cheap hacky sacks at Wal-Mart but they seem to bust way too easily, so Hubby gave me a request to make one. So I did.  Read More

5 Kinds of Getaways that Recharge Your Mind

Now that summer is here and we are gearing up to get away we must consider if we are choosing the right kind of escape. Oftentimes we are on vacation autopilot, packing to do the same thing the same way over and over again. According to Dr. Sanam Hafeez, NYC based licensed neuropsychologist and teaching faculty member at the prestigious Columbia University Teacher’s College, our minds really get to recharge when we travel so it is important that we use this away time to nourish our minds.
Dr. Hafeez shared with us 5 kinds of getaways that recharge your mind and why. The best part is that you don’t have to travel too far or spend loads of money to accomplish the mental shift these getaways offer.

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Pure Vida Bracelets

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I have always enjoyed wearing bracelets, especially if they’re not extremely heavy! When I found Pura Vida Bracelets I was pretty excited because they’ve got braided bracelets, which are my absolute downfall. I love them! I have always enjoyed making braided friendship style bracelets, but could only ever do that… just braided. I never could do the fancy designs or anything.  Read More

Stella & Dot Fall Line

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A lot of people that I know start feeling down or in a funk when fall is approaching, because the weather isn’t always nice and they know that winter isn’t far behind fall. Fall is my favorite season, though. But if you’re one of those people who get in a funk, you need to check out the new Stella & Dot Fall 2016 Line and pick something that will carry you through the fall, and maybe even get you excited for Winter! Below, I’ll highlight a couple of their new items!

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Wannabe Photographer

One of my favorite hobbies is to take pictures, one of these days I’m going to get paid to take pictures for families. It WILL happen, You mark my words! It’s something that I really enjoy. I do my photography with my Canon EOS Rebel T5i that I got for Christmas this past year (well, really, I got it at Black Friday 2015 but it was my Christmas gift!) as well as my Samsung Note 5. I won’t lie and say that I don’t have a lot to learn still because the honest truth is I still know very little about it. Read More

Applying for Jobs

So I just got home from a job interview at Casey’s General Store. I applied for the Kitchen in the evenings, so if I get that, great! If not, I’m going to look for other places to apply as well. It’s not exactly that I NEED to get a job, but to be honest, things haven’t been going so well with It Works, because a lot of my team has quit working as hard as they were and I can only do so much, so the extra money from a job would be great if I can get one.  Read More

9 Ways to Get True Beauty Sleep


The quality and length of sleep you receive every night can have a profound impact on your skin’s overall health.  When we sleep our bodies recharge. Not only do our bodies recharge, our skin does as well. Dr. Kaleroy Papantoniou is a board certified NYC dermatologist who explains that, Read More

Cosmetic Procedures: Which To Do, Which To Skip

Every single one of us, though #flawless, has at some point taken a look in the mirror and found at least one thing we’d like to change. Some of us learn to love the quirks in our looks and some of us think about getting a little fix. From the non-invasive to the surgical, cosmetic procedures are on the rise and there are a hundred ways to nip, tuck, lift and smooth just about any area of our bodies. Not all of it is vain and superficial. Some procedures have amazingly high satisfaction ratings; patients report not just looking better but feeling way more confident. According to the experts, these are the nips and tucks that are worth it and the ones you should skip: Read More

Need my Crochet Mojo back!

I have been crocheting since 2010, and I’ve never gone as long as I have currently without picking up my crochet hook and yarn! It’s been since the end of February since I’ve crocheted anything at all! I’m not entirely sure what the deal is, but I need my mojo back! I’ve got 3 skeins of yarn for an afghan that I’ll hopefully start today (since WoW is down, and I am done working my It Works business until the kids wake up & I am able to go to the store and Blitz people!)  Read More