Do you guys have those friends who you’ve never met, yet you can tell them absolutely anything? The next thing you know, they’re your best friend? Yeah, I’ve got had one of those. I scratched out the I’ve got part, simply because my best friend is no longer here. I am absolutely heartbroken over this. Continue reading

A little monkey business.


I had a lady message me asking me if I could make something for her from a picture that she showed me. In the picture, a newborn baby had on a Sock Monkey hat and was holding a toy stuffed sock monkey. I knew I could, so I quickly agreed. She then asked if I could make a crochet stuffed sock monkey, which is something I haven’t done before. So, off I go to google, to find a free pattern, and SUCCESS! I found one!  Continue reading

Working in Rounds WITHOUT Stitch Markers



I see a lot of patterns worked in the round (meaning you don’t join them after the end of row 1) but you just keep going, and they all call for stitch markers. Maybe it’s because I’m a pretty quick crocheter but I haven’t ever been able to get the hang of working with stitch markers, and to me, it takes more time having to get them out of the yarn, then having to place them in the next place. Maybe I don’t know how to work with them properly or something, I just don’t know! Anyways, I have always been asked how I work in the round withOUT using them, so I figured I would write a post on it!  Continue reading