Tooth Pain is the Worst!

I originally started this post last week when I was in absolutely excruciating pain from a tooth. What’s awful about the fact that I have tooth pain is that I have been to the dentist so many times in the past few months to have every single tooth fixed that needed to be fixed. My dentist is amazing. After fixing so many teeth (yeah, my teeth weren’t in the best condition, quite a few had to be pulled, more even that had to be filled.) 

I’m super thankful that my dentist is someone I know very well. Like, I’ve known him since I was born, because he’s my cousin. He’s very understanding, knows that it doesn’t take too much for me to be in pain. Sometimes, though, I do wish we’d have been able to move along quicker!

The tooth that I was having problems with last week was one that I had filled in November, so I’m not quite sure what caused it to start acting up this far past having it done, but none the less, it did. One call to his office and he called in an antibiotic prescription for me. 4 days into that, FINALLY, the pain was gone. I’d have asked for a pain pill to help with the pain, but I didn’t want to get anything too strong with it just being me here with the kids. Most heavy duty pain pills such as Vicoden and Hydrocodone knock me out. That wouldn’t have been all that great. So… Antibiotics it was. Friday morning the pain got so intense that I started looking online for home remedies that might help me since Tylenol nor Advil would help at all. I saw that you could mix water with peppermint oil and dab that around the tooth. I swear, within 3 minutes of dabbing peppermint oil around my tooth, the pain was GONE and it didn’t show back up and I’ve not had to take a single pain pill since then. It’s been amazing! I’m SO glad that I had peppermint oil in the house because I had just recently gotten a thing of it from an Amazon Review site to review on Amazon!! Score!

Honestly, I’d rather have an unmedicated childbirth than have tooth pain!

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