2016 Temperature Afghan


Recording the daily temperatures for an entire year through yarn and crochet and making it into a super big afghan or super long scarf. Sounds super fun and I’m totally doing it!!!

Behold, my 2016 temperature afghan! I didn’t get to start it until January 15th because I didn’t have the extra funds and I wanted to wait until I got paid through It Works to get the yarn for it, but now that I have the yarn I have started it. I wanted to get this post up earlier than now, but I fell behind with Rc being gone for a week at the beginning of the week.

Here are my colors & temperature ranges that I’ll be doing.
All temperatures are in Fahrenheit.
All yarn is Red Heart Super Saver.


0-15 degrees is Charcoal
16-30 degrees is Blue Suade
31-45 degrees is Spring Green
46-60 degrees is Amethyst
61-75 degrees is Pumpkin
75-90 degrees is Lemon
90-100+ degrees is Rogue. 

Of course, the colors are more vibrant in person, but I can’t seem to get good pictures online or in person of my colors 🙂 Once I get it caught up, I’ll start doing weekly updates of this also 🙂 I can’t wait 🙂

I’ll be traveling a lot more this year, so when I do, I will do a row of white, then my rows of colors where I am, then another row of white, then I’ll do my home colors once I get home!

So I’m pretty excited that I get to add in my first travel section the first month of the year, along with the second month of the year as well, when I go to Florida, so I hope I maybe get to break out some lemon, or at least Pumpkin! I’ve done one row of pumpkin when we got to 62 degrees in Kansas City on the 14th of January!

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