Stashbusting My Yarn |Intro & Weeks 1-4|

I have been a member at Crochetvillefollow since shortly after I started crocheting, well, I guess it was about a year after I started, because I started on Valentine’s Day, 2010 & joined sometime in 2011. Every year over there, there is a thread created for helping you bust through your stash of yarn (mine isn’t huge, which is why I tend to end up in the negative at the end of the year haha).


Join me each week to find out how I’m doing with my scores for the previous week! (I can tell you already I’m in the negative for my year to date… Oops!)

Scoring will go as follows (& it’s described in the thread if you want to double check!)

For every skein of yarn you use up or get out of your stash (by donating or using), you gain a +2.
For every skein you roll into a ball to reduce tangles and such, you gain a +1.
For every ball of yarn you use up, you gain a +1.

For every skein of yarn you receive, buy, or inherit, you get a -2.
For every ball of yarn you receive, buy or inherit, you get a -1.

Good thing is that I started the year with a clean slate :) 

I always post my scores on Crochetville as WTD (score), YTD (score)

WTD = Week to Date
YTD = Year to Date

Week 1; (Week Ending 1.2.16)

I purchased my 6 skeins of yarn for my Harry Potter afghan square 1 that I am doing, so that put me at -12. I never did use up any yarn on anything that week, so my final score remained at -12.

Week 2; (Week Ending 1.9.16)

I finished out a skein of Shocking Pink Yarn on this afghanfollow (click the link to see the picture) so that put me at +2. I think I ended up needing the new pink skein of yarn early that Saturday (the 9th) so my score was only a +2 for the week. Bringing my YTD score to -10.

Week 3; (Ending 1.16.16)

Eek, this wasn’t such a good week for me because I ended up getting the yarn for my temperature afghan that I’ll be doing this year, and I ended up needing 6 more skeins of yarn, so my final score was -10. I did finish up a skein of light pink as the border of the afghan linked above, so that helped. Bringing my YTD score to -20. Also making me the Shoot the Moon winner, so it was my responsibility to get the scores posted by the 24th at NOON EST.

Week 4; (Ending 1.23.16)

Since we left this past Wednesday to come to Pennsylvania, I really should have gotten more crocheting done because I have been stuck in a motel, but guess what… This genius female only brought enough yarn for the temperature afghan that I’m working on… Eek. So my score this week was a big fat goose egg (meaning ZERO!) At least I wasn’t in the negative again – I’m making progress on my Temp ghan too, once I get that all caught up, I’ll get some pictures of it & post about that & keep readers updated on that if you’d like to follow along!

Come back next Sunday to see what my scores for next week are going to be.

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