Stashbusting |Week 5|

I have been a member at Crochetville since shortly after I started crocheting, well, I guess it was about a year after I started, because I started on Valentine’s Day, 2010 & joined sometime in 2011. Every year over there, there is a thread created for helping you bust through your stash of YTDyarn (mine isn’t huge, which is why I tend to end up in the negative at the end of the year haha).


I ended Week 4 with my YTD score being -20. Once we got home, my ever so lovely cat, Sphinx, had decided to get a bunch of my half skeins of yarn and go hay wire with them, so I ended up rolling 25 skeins into balls, taking my score to +25 and earning me the SILVER MEDAL over at Crochetville for the week! That’s never happened before, that I’m aware of! My Ending score for the week ending 1/30/16 was WTD+25; YTD-3

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