About the girl…. |ME!!|

I thought this would be a fun little post to do. One thing I’m going to attempt to do is stay pretty regular with posting to this blog. 🙂

10 Random Facts about ME!

  1. Feet disgust me. It took all the courage I had a couple weeks ago to have my first ever pedicure. I guess I don’t mind people messing with MY feet but I refuse to touch feet, unless they’re baby feet!
  2. I am addicted to Netflix, The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, The Chicago Shows (PD, Fire, Med) and Days Of Our Lives!!
  3. I have had my tubes tied, but should we ever get pregnant again and have another girl, her name will be Samantha Jean! (Jean is my Grammie’s middle name – but Days fans should see the reference!)
  4. I’m having some serious baby fever. If I knew Rc and I could handle it financially, I WOULD get a tubal reversal and try to have more babies. I’ve always wanted Twins!
  5. I haven’t crocheted a single stitch so far in the month of February. I haven’t picked up yarn NOR a hook. I have been so focused on getting my next 2 promotions with It Works and getting a $22,000 (Yes, this is real!!!) bonus I’ve not had time for crochet.
  6. I am shamelessly addicted to taking pictures of sunsets, the sky, anything related to nature and of course, my kids.
  7. People chicken pecking at a keyboard absolutely drives me insane. I type anywhere between 90-100 words per minute according to CalculatorCat.com
  8. I have a sketch book full of crochet afghan ideas that I’ve drawn out… I’ve not made a single one yet.
  9. I drain my phone battery more than twice a day. I am constantly on that thing. Basically the only thing I refuse to do on my phone is blog. It’s a huge business tool, so it’s a good day for me if I’ve got it drained by noon!
  10. I didn’t know my husbands real name until we were almost married. He goes by Rc and that’s how he was introduced to me.

Leave me one interesting fact about yourself!

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