Stashbusting |Weeks 7 – 8|

I have been a member at Crochetville since shortly after I started crocheting, well, I guess it was about a year after I started, because I started on Valentine’s Day, 2010 & joined sometime in 2011. Every year over there, there is a thread created for helping you bust through your stash of yarn (mine isn’t huge, which is why I tend to end up in the negative at the end of the year haha). Go ahead & read my intro post here!

32I’ve been horrible at crocheting this entire month!! I might have mentioned that if I can get to Diamond rank with It Works this month, I earn a $20,000 bonus, so of course I have been working really hard towards that.

So For Week 7 Ending on February 13th, I was at 0 score =(

On February 18th, I got in the positive for rolling 4 messy small parts of skeins into balls, so that put me at +4.

On February 19th, I went to Hobby Lobby for some Safety Eyes to use for stuffies, and came away with 3 skeins of yarn that jumped into my cart from the Clearance Aisle.. That put me at -2. But like I said at the ‘Ville, The colors go together & I know what I’m going to make with it, I just have to find one more skein to pair with the colors for the afghan I want to make!

On February 20th, I cleaned out a tote of yarn balls that I had to wash because Rosalie spilled milk in them a couple weeks ago (I washed them the day she spilled the milk in them, then dried them & laid them out to finish drying completely) but while organizing them the 20th, I noticed they smelled like sour milk 🙁 That’s heart breaking, because they weren’t just small balls of yarn either. I had been going through it to find bright rainbowish colors for a Unicorn I’m making, but I ended up having to throw some of them away because of the smell. However, I guess the positive was that it put me up to +10 for the week.

So, For week 8, ending on February 20, I was at WTD; +10 & YTD; +9. We don’t have to actually post our YTD scores until the last weekend of the month, but I did anyways.

Come back next week to see my final score for February!!

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