I did it!! But I’m NOT stopping.

It Works has got to be one of the most generous companies out there. I see so many direct sales friends winning cruises, cars, ipads, more product. It Works rewards their distributors with cold hard cash! By working the crap out of my business, I just won a $20,000 bonus for February and going Diamond! 12472815_10153520332041656_579312821768511256_nI am now shooting for the $30,000 double diamond and maybe even the $50,000 bonus, but I’d definitely be happy with the Double Diamond bonus! Since I went diamond in February, I was able to sign my husband up (I see and hear a lot of people who do it soon after but my direct upline suggested that we wait due to reasons I agreed with.) and he’s so on board! Our goal is to become a full time family, not having to worry about worrying about him missing work while the boys are on vacations from school (spring break, summer break, Christmas break, etc) and not having to worry about whether he has to work weekends if we want to take the kids & do something fun. He has been supportive of me in this business since I started on January 30, 2016, and he has even gotten me a loyal customer or 2! He’s been great!

I’m looking to personally sponsor 3 more people this month who want to get to the Ruby Rank and earn that $1000 bonus! With my Diamond Bonus, it is paid out over 25 months, but with the Ruby bonus, it is a 1 time payment of $1000! Ruby is pretty easy to achieve as well, Simply find 3 friends to join you on your journey and one of them needs to find TWO of their friends!! Each of you need between 4-6 customers. The best part, you will be with an amazing team and have my personal one on one help through out the entire thing!!

Have you ever struggled from month to month with money? Are you tired of living pay check to pay check? You NEED to call me, text me or email me! 816-920-3206 or wrapwithjesscali@gmail.com Here’s my website also!!

These numbers are AVERAGE but they're extremely REAL!!
These numbers are AVERAGE but they’re extremely REAL!!

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