Fluffy Little Unicorn

I’ve been wanting to make a cute little animal for a long time & I think I saw a unicorn on Pinterest and decided to google to see if I could find a Unicorn that I liked better. Enter One Dog Woof. My first thought when I saw this unicorn was Oh my gosh, It reminds me of the “It’s So Fluffy” unicorn from Despicable Me, and turns out, that’s where the creator got her inspiration from!! Sooooo cute!! So I started this on February 20th and finished it just this morning, March 7th. I would have had it finished much sooner, BUT I worked my butt off to get my to Diamond and get that Diamond bonus with It Works and I did it, so the wait on getting this unicorn finished was so well worth it!

I couldn’t figure out how to do the tail curls, so I just played around with the yarn & hook. I ended up chaining 24 then putting 4 half double crochet in each chain. CUTE!

Unicorn2 Unicorn1


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