5 Tips to Starting a Blog

So you want a blog, right? Blogs are a good thing! You don’t have to have a blog that you want to make money from! I have several blogging friends who do it just to have the blog and write about their daily lives, however, making money with your blog is a good thing also!

Everyone has the right to have a blog! My first blog, which I no longer have, due to stupidity on my part, was just a place where I talked about my every day adventures with a newborn and a 2 year old! I started that one back in 2008, right before Connor was born!

Everyone deserves a place special to them to be able to let out what they are feeling. Blogs can be about all types of topics! My blog is about whatever, A little bit of this & A little bit of that! I haven’t quite decided if I want to do reviews and giveaways on this blog, but I might in the future. I have been told that no one should have a blog that has a lot of personal posts on it, but that goes in one ear and right out the other one. My philosophy is that I pay for the domain charges each year, and I pay for the hosting payment each month, I should be allowed to write about whatever my little heart desires!

Anyways – On to the topic, right?!

5 tips to starting your own blog.

                          1. Figure out what you want to blog about!

What are you passionate about? Do you just want your blog to be a piece of you, where you can let out your frustrations?

                           2. Figure out a name for your blog.

This is always the hardest part for me, when making websites! I have had several over the years – Sunshine Shimmer and Graphix Twist were both myspace graphics websites, where I sold graphics to other website owners as well as offered up free graphics for people to use on their myspace pages and blogs! Jessalicious.Net was my first actual blog (It’s the one that I mentioned above). I had the opportunity to get it back, simply because no one owns it, however, I decided against that because I had this one. I also blog over at Cali Book Reviews, which is where I review my books! My last name is Cali and I do book reviews.. That name was actually easy for me to figure out!

Once you have figured out what you want your blogs name to be, make sure no one else owns a website with the same name! You can do that by googling it. 

                         3. Figure out whether you want to use Blogger or WordPress and whether or not you want a domain (which you have to pay for) or a free site! Each has it’s perks, in my opinion! 

I use WordPress. 

There are 2 types of WordPress though! You have the free version, which can be found at WordPress.Com. Your website URL would look like this… yourblogname.wordpress.com     You also have the option of the paid version. You don’t actually have to BUY anything from WordPress.Org, but if you choose to use this version, you will need to buy your domain and your hosting. Your website URL would look like this…… yourblogname.com

If you choose to use the paid version, you can get your domain name from GoDaddy or somewhere Similar (I linked to GoDaddy because that’s who I use!) I believe I paid $1.18 (hint: google cheap domain names – My domain was $0.99 and with the ICANN fees, came to $1.18) or so when I first bought my domain, and I currently pay $8.99 a month for hosting fees. I have NEVER had a problem with my GoDaddy Hosting, and my website has been down once – and that’s because I forgot to pay that month!

4. Figure out what you want your blog to look like! These are called Themes or Templates! I have the Danielle Theme which I purchased from Blog Beauty over on Etsy! There are a TON of places that you can get free themes, but there are also some great places to get paid themes, if you want to pay for a custom one (and can!)

5. Write your first post & hit publish! If you are just starting out in the blogging world, or if you start your very own blog after reading this post, please come back and share your brand new blog link!

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