Need my Crochet Mojo back!

I have been crocheting since 2010, and I’ve never gone as long as I have currently without picking up my crochet hook and yarn! It’s been since the end of February since I’ve crocheted anything at all! I’m not entirely sure what the deal is, but I need my mojo back! I’ve got 3 skeins of yarn for an afghan that I’ll hopefully start today (since WoW is down, and I am done working my It Works business until the kids wake up & I am able to go to the store and Blitz people!) 

I’ve got teal, grey & cream to do an afghan but I still have to get to the hard part and pick out what pattern I want to use. I also got an order to do a blanket however, I have to figure out the pattern that the one I was shown is done in, then I can start on it. I need to get in the mood to actually keep going when I start on a project so that when we head to Florida on Friday, I have something to do other than kill the battery on my kindle and phone! HA!

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