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So I just got home from a job interview at Casey’s General Store. I applied for the Kitchen in the evenings, so if I get that, great! If not, I’m going to look for other places to apply as well. It’s not exactly that I NEED to get a job, but to be honest, things haven’t been going so well with It Works, because a lot of my team has quit working as hard as they were and I can only do so much, so the extra money from a job would be great if I can get one. 

I have worked at Casey’s before and I absolutely loved it. I worked there from May of 2010 to January of 2011 and I had even gotten an interview for Assistant Manager, then I was let go because a guy came in with a fake ID to purchase alcohol, and when I scanned the ID, it accepted it. So, it wasn’t entirely my fault but they had to let me go. I was pretty bitter and upset about it when it happened. Considering there was a lady who worked there that KNEW the people SHE was selling to was underage, and not only did she sell to them, but she also carried it out to their car. She simply got moved to the kitchen to work, yet I got fired. I was pissed. Cooperate wouldn’t do anything about it. There were several people at the store who was pretty upset that I got fired when she didn’t and didn’t like her to begin with, so they tried helping me get moved to the kitchen also, however, it just didn’t work.

The manager that I spoke with today said they have changed their policies and now if you get caught selling to a minor, you won’t lose your job unless it’s a sting operation. You can also be rehired after a year and it’s been over 5 since I was fired so she said that was in my favor. Hopefully, I’ll hear back from her, because when I was at the other Casey’s before, I was strictly cash register and had only started learning the kitchen a few weeks before I was fired. This time when I applied, I applied for strictly kitchen, so I’m extremely hopeful! I have a couple other applications in at the moment, so I do have some backup plans. One place I’d like to also work is Starbucks. Another place I would enjoy working at, I think, is some type of cupcake bakery or cake bakery. I enjoy cooking and baking, but I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch!

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