Pure Vida Bracelets

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I have always enjoyed wearing bracelets, especially if they’re not extremely heavy! When I found Pura Vida Bracelets I was pretty excited because they’ve got braided bracelets, which are my absolute downfall. I love them! I have always enjoyed making braided friendship style bracelets, but could only ever do that… just braided. I never could do the fancy designs or anything. 

They aren’t extremely high priced either. You can get 1 for $15.00, which I love, and there are quite a few that I like, so that could be scary when it comes to my bank account HAHA! Take a look at a couple of these!

PureVida Collage

These are all from the Braided Collection and however much I like the LGBT one, It has officially sold out, which is a bummer! As you can tell, I have labeled them as to which ones they are. I like all of them, but these are the 5 that stood out at me!

Another pretty cool thing about the Pure Vida website is the fact that they have a Pura Vida Monthly Club, which means you get 3 hand picked bracelets a month for only $14.95 + tax. That’s 3 bracelets for only $5 each! Shipping is free with the monthly club, and you can also cancel at any time, which is pretty sweet! Orders are taken the 10th of every month and you will get your shipment around the 15th of every month that your order goes through, which is pretty sweet because that’s some quick shipping!

I definitely know where I can tell Hubby to shop for some of my Christmas gifts this year, and the best part about it? It’s not going to break the bank either!! Score!

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