Stella & Dot Fall Line

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A lot of people that I know start feeling down or in a funk when fall is approaching, because the weather isn’t always nice and they know that winter isn’t far behind fall. Fall is my favorite season, though. But if you’re one of those people who get in a funk, you need to check out the new Stella & Dot Fall 2016 Line and pick something that will carry you through the fall, and maybe even get you excited for Winter! Below, I’ll highlight a couple of their new items!

Stella & Dot New Fall Line

Probably one of my favorite items in their new fall line would have to be this beautiful Eternity Necklace.


It’s really just so simple yet so gorgeous at the same time. I, personally, have never been a fan of blingy, large, showy jewelry, so this is just perfect for me!!

Of course, with fall, comes scarf weather! Here’s another item that I really like.


Scarves aren’t something that I wear, for a number of reasons. I never can figure out how to drape them around my neck so that they look good. I am not a fan of things being around my neck and being tight. I am weird like that, however, this particular scarf makes me think I might actually get over that and start wearing them. Burgundy is a great color for fall, and this scarf is just so pretty!

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