Hacky Sack Anyone? #pokemongo

Hubby has always been really into hacky sack, as has his dad, so it’s something we’ve started doing, as a family, in the evenings. I think the last time I played was when I was 8 or so months pregnant with Michael, and he just turned 10 on August 11th! So it had been a while. We got some cheap hacky sacks at Wal-Mart but they seem to bust way too easily, so Hubby gave me a request to make one. So I did. I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about Pokemon Go! since we started playing, I’ve got a TON of screenshots that I’ve meant to send to my blog, but you see how far I have gotten with that because there is still no post on that! Anyways, We have 5 people in our house who have phones and play Pokemon, so of course, the first thing I thought of when making a hacky sack was a Pokeball!

Hacky Sack 2I decided to do one of each of the 3 balls that you get first in Pokemon Go. The regular Pokeball (red), Great Ball (blue) and Ultimate Ball (yellow). I do realize there is a Master ball, but being only level 20 (almost 21!!) I haven’t gotten to there quite yet.

Hacky Sack 3Hacky Sack 4I’m really proud of how they came out! I do have them for sale, in a set of 3! I’m honestly debating on whether or not I should write a pattern or not, but I think before I do that, I’ll try some harder stuff. Who knows, this might even be a free pattern I will offer here on the blog!

If you’re interested, you can check out my Etsy or simply click on one of the pictures and it will take you to the listing!

I fill a balloon with Rice, then place the balloon inside the hacky sack then I close it up by finishing the crochet work on it. The ideas I have running through my head are endless, especially when it comes to Pokemon Crochet!

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