Working in Rounds WITHOUT Stitch Markers


I see a lot of patterns worked in the round (meaning you don’t join them after the end of row 1) but you just keep going, and they all call for stitch markers. Maybe it’s because I’m a pretty quick crocheter but I haven’t ever been able to get the hang of working with stitch markers, and to me, it takes more time having to get them out of the yarn, then having to place them in the next place. Maybe I don’t know how to work with them properly or something, I just don’t know! Anyways, I have always been asked how I work in the round withOUT using them, so I figured I would write a post on it! 

Here’s just a sample pattern. It really doesn’t make anything too important lol.

Round 1; Magic Circle, Chain 1, 8 Single Crochet in circle.  (8 total)
Round 2; 2 Single Crochet in each of previous round. (16 total)
Round 3-6; 1 Single Crochet in each of the previous round. (16 total)

Now when it comes to Rounds 3-6, I figure up how many rounds it would be. It’s 4 total rounds. So I multiply 4×16 and get 64. I don’t start recounting at 16 once I’ve finished a round, though I do suppose you COULD do that if you chose to. I put it on my calculator since I typically always have my phone (Galaxy Note 5) beside me or am looking at a pattern on my computer. I put 64 on my calculator then start counting up from 1 for each stitch I do. Should I need to stop, I will subtract where I am from 64, then I can start over at 1 and I know once I’ve gotten to 0, my rounds 3-6 are done.

Keep in mind, I never make things very small, so it WOULD typically be more than 64 rounds that I’m counting 🙂 A lot of the hats I do are in the round because I don’t like how there always seems to be a small gap when they call for joins after each round.

I hope this is easy to understand.

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