A little monkey business.

I had a lady message me asking me if I could make something for her from a picture that she showed me. In the picture, a newborn baby had on a Sock Monkey hat and was holding a toy stuffed sock monkey. I knew I could, so I quickly agreed. She then asked if I could make a crochet stuffed sock monkey, which is something I haven’t done before. So, off I go to google, to find a free pattern, and SUCCESS! I found one! 

I did have to modify it because I didn’t have any felt for the mouth, so I crocheted the mouth onto the muzzle. Anyways, I found the Monkey pattern at Lilleliis.com and I used my fall back Sock Monkey Hat pattern that I’ve used for so long. So, without postponing this for too much longer, here is my finished result!

sockmonkey sockmonkeyflower sockmonkeyset

Everything except the eyes is 100% crocheted by me. The eyes are Safety Eyes, which I just happened to have had. I am absolutely in LOVE with the finished product and how cute it turned out!! I did actually run out of gray yarn, but went through my tote of yarn balls, (which is about half full and it’s NOT a small tote either. HA!) and luckily found enough, and found some, and I think I had about 7 inches left out of that ball!

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