Do you guys have those friends who you’ve never met, yet you can tell them absolutely anything? The next thing you know, they’re your best friend? Yeah, I’ve got had one of those. I scratched out the I’ve got part, simply because my best friend is no longer here. I am absolutely heartbroken over this.

We met on The Mommy Playbook a while back (think about 8+ years), and started chatting through there, then once we got to know each other, we added each other on facebook. We would call each other, text each other. She was my absolute best friend. No, we never met, but she knew me better than anyone else did, minus my husband. I had plans to go visit her this fall. Note to self, If you want to do something, don’t wait. The opportunity might not be there in the future. There were a couple times I had planned to go visit her. May 2015 was one of them, because my cousin who lived a few hours from her was getting married. That wedding never happened, so I didn’t get to go. I had thought about flying up to Jacksonville in February when I left Florida after my It Works conference, but I didn’t have the money to fly to Jacksonville then back into Kansas City, so THAT didn’t happen. My hubby and I had talked about driving up that way after we left Florida after Green Carpet (also related to It Works) this past July, but stuff happened and he needed to go on and come home so he could deal with his work issues. I want to kick myself for not MAKING it happen when I had the chance. I saw a post on facebook Friday saying that she had passed away.

While I knew she had heart problems, I guess I just didn’t realize it was THAT serious. I have spoken with her boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend and they both said they thought it was just her heart condition that caused her death.

It’s so hard to think that I will never wake up to a random message from her asking about something blog related. I got her into blogging, but she had since stopped blogging due to funds and her health. I was her personal password keeper too, so there was quite a few times I’d wake up to a message asking what her password was to one of her social media sites, or to her blog.

She was so damn goofy and so scatterbrained, but I absolutely loved that about her. She was Auntie Christine to my kiddos.

It sucks. I have cried daily for her since I found out.

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