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My little fingers haven’t ever been this busy in the time-span of about 2 weeks! I’ve crocheted quite a bit and gotten quite a few orders, even if 2 of those orders have been for swaps, meaning they chose what they wanted me to make & we traded. They sent me something in return, either that they made or from a direct sales company that they sell for. 

The first one I did, I have actually posted about it, now that I think about it. Go check out my post titled “A Little Monkey Business” for what I made in return for some hand stamped handmade keychains! That cute little sock monkey stuffed toy has gotten me quite a bit of interactions, but that’s still the only one that has been ordered so far!

Secondly, I had a lady who wanted some hats, and she sells Lula Roe. I will make a post on this in the near future, so keep on the lookout for that! All I’m going to say right now is that I picked out a Randy shirt and she found the the perfect pair of legging that matched it 100% and they are super comfortable! She told me the patterns she wanted after I sent her some pictures, and then I sent her pictures of the colors of yarn I had in stock. Here are her finished hats!

charcoal-wheat-fields-slouch gold-wheat-fields-slouch

These hats are called “Wheat Fields Slouchy Beanie” and I got the [free] pattern from The Lavender Chair! Since finding this pattern via pinterest, I have since subscribed to Dorianna’s new posts because I want to see all her new patterns. These only took 1/2 a skein of yarn each, so that’s not too terrible either!

This yarn is from Hobby Lobby and is I Love This Yarn brand. It is called Autumn Sunset and I am heartbroken I can't find it anymore!
This yarn is from Hobby Lobby and is I Love This Yarn brand. It is called Autumn Sunset and I am heartbroken I can’t find it anymore!

This hat is called the Marion Slouch Hat and it is a [free] pattern from Little Monkey’s Crochet, who I have also started getting email updates from. This took almost an entire skein of I Love This Yarn Autumn Sunset (when I say almost an entire skein, I mean I had MAYBE 5 inches left over after weaving in my ends! I started getting scared towards the end!)  I can’t find this varigated yarn at any of the surrounding Hobby Lobby’s nor on their website, so I am wondering if it has since been discontinued since I found it in their clearance aisle back in January of this year!?! I’m super sad, because I LOVE how it worked up & I think it would look great for a color pooling project, if I could ever get those figured out!

Somehow I came in contact with a professional photographer in Texas, and she said she would like to have some Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas themed photo props for her business for newborns! We chatted for quite a bit and we hit up pinterest together and we found some together that she really liked.

Candy Corn Jack Skellington Pumpkin

Also with these, I couldn’t find a pattern for the hats so I just did my own thing! I think they turned out super duper uber cute! By posting these pictures on my facebook, I did end up with another order for a Pumpkin set and a request from Hubby’s niece who’s due in March for a Jack Skellington one!

I don’t know if you guys know much about yarn, but Caron has come out with a new yarn called “Caron Cakes” and I saw the perfect pattern to use one for, so Rosalie and I went out to Michael’s (because the yarn is exclusive to Michael’s) and I let her pick out which skein she wanted. She chose pink surprise surprise and here’s the item I made for her with her chosen Caron Cake!

The yarn is called Cherry Chip. <3 it so much!
The yarn is called Cherry Chip.
She couldn't WAIT to get it on when I finished it!
She couldn’t WAIT to get it on when I finished it!
I thought the name for it was PERFECT for my Rosalie (Rosie!)
I thought the name for it was PERFECT for my Rosalie (Rosie!)
It's appropriately named Ring Around the Rosie Vest.
It’s appropriately named Ring Around the Rosie Vest.

This is another pattern from The Lavender Chair and while it was easy enough to understand, I do wish it was a little easier. There was ONE or TWO parts where I had to go to a crochet group on facebook for help!

And last but not least, my last project for the week.

razorbacks-2 razorbacks

Again, I couldn’t find a pattern for this that I liked, and that was for a newborn, so I made my own. I believe I’ll write it down and list it on Ravelry and possibly Etsy. Newborn Arkansas Razorback’s Hat and Diaper Cover complete with curly pig tail!  I have been a Razorback’s fan for the LONGEST time, well, I guess since I first started dating my ex boyfriend Anthony in high school. But I think this turned out super cute!!!

I do have a small order for a small afghan, so I’ll get that done & post pictures of that pretty soon – or as soon as I get it done!

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  1. I am working on the ring around the Rosie vest and saw where you had trouble on row 9. Can you help me I am stuck not quite understanding the instruction.

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