Million Dollar September to Remember

You all know I’m a distributor with It Works, and last night on our family call, our CEO announced that 100 distributors who currently sell, are eligible to win $10,000!  He is giving ONE MILLION dollars to people who sell his product! How awesome! 

This is HUGE! This is better than a car, that you still have to lease, and pay monthly payments on. Our CEO doesn’t give cars, he gives cold hard cash bonuses! This is a HUGE perk of working for and believing in the products produced by a debt-free company! I mean, come on guys.. The guy and his wife bought an island and paid for it in cash!!

While new distributors aren’t eligible to win, there is still a chance for you to win stuff later down the line, because he’s pretty awesome! Right now, there is the $500 Ruby bonus. Which means you go Ruby in your first 60 days with the company, and you get $500 cash on your next commission pay out, and that is in addition to your $499 average monthly income!

This is huge, guys!

I’m also looking for product testers! Meaning you buy ONE product a month for THREE months minimum, and you get those products at the price I pay. We have so much more than just wraps! We have weight loss products, energy products, facial products, and even essential oils. But while we’re on the subject, I wrapped last Wednesday. Here are my results after 1 hour of wearing the wrap. I am so aware that I need more than just one wrap, which is why I don’t plan to stop wrapping! Most people need more than one wrap to see results, which is why our wraps come sold as a box of 4!

1-wrapI do wish the picture was clearer, but I had to enlarge it because I wasn’t aware that the PicLab app would make them so small =/ But that’s okay! I can most definitely see a difference. This is why you should always take before and after pictures. You do not have to show them to anyone, but take them so you can keep track of your progress!

Contact me if you’re interested!!

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