Purple/Black Spider Web Crochet Afghan

My cousin text me last night asking if I could crochet an afghan that looked like a spiderweb, and I quickly knew that one of my all time favorite afghan patterns would be perfect because I knew that I had seen a red, blue and black one for Spiderman. So, I am heading to Walmart later today to get the purple yarn that she wants, and I already have the black yarn that it will use. 

Here are just a couple of the afghans I have made from this particular pattern which is free and so super easy to make! The color possibilities are endless and I actually have a notebook for colors JUST for this afghan! HA!

As I said, so easy, so cute, and the color possibilities are endless! It never takes me more than a week or so to get these done, so I’ll post again when I get it finished with the finished afghan!

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