H2O – Water is everywhere!

Water is literally everywhere! From beautiful bodies of water, to the morning dew, rain, snow, it’s everywhere! It doesn’t matter the consistency of it. When I found the Daily Post Photo Challenge and saw that today’s is Water, it was still pretty early when I found it, and parts of my yard was still covered in shade, because the sun hasn’t gotten above the house yet, I grabbed my camera and went outside.  While I tried to get some of this mornings dew captured on some blades of grass, it just didn’t work out like I wanted it to, so I am just going to share some pictures that have been on my memory card for a while, that have to do with this weeks prompt of H2O!

This one I took back in July when we were on vacation. 100% no editing, and I absolutely LOVE the way the waves look!


This one I took a couple weeks ago, of the bobber, stuck in the tree. People always fish right in front of our house, because we have a big open spot, pretty much free of lilly pads. It could be because Hubby goes out frequently and clears them out lol. So because people are constantly fishing in front of our house, there is always bobbers and fishing lures in the mulberry tree there.


This one is from right after I got my camera. It had started raining, and the rain started freezing because it was pretty cold outside. I’m pretty sure this freeze resulted in one of the biggest snows that we got this past winter (we didn’t get many snows at all.)


And the final picture I am going to share is from this summer. It was pretty hot, nearing 100ºF, and we had been out in the road playing basketball because that is where our basketball goal is. We try to be pretty active, and this was one of our favorite pastimes this summer! Hubby decided to get the water hose for Rosalie and she proceeded in spraying everyone but mommy with water! I’m not fond of extremely cold water, and I decided to stay out of her way and out of distance so I only got my feet wet!


Thanks for reading my first ever post for the Weekly Photo Challenge! Check back next week to see what the prompt is!

3 thoughts on “H2O – Water is everywhere!

  1. Nicely done on your first try! I love the dramatic colors of the waves and the background. Was it taken during sunset? The splash of water at the kids was perfect too!

    1. Hi Nezel! Thanks for your comment. Yes the picture of the waves was taken at sunset! It was taken at Manasota key Beach in florida back in July! I am a bit obsessed with sunsets!

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