Photo Challenges

I have started reading The Daily Post  blog which I found because I have started updating my blog through instead of logging into my dashboard. I’m not sure why I have been doing that but to me, it is easier to do it that way. Anyways, I found that they have photo challenges every week, and I think I am going to start participating in them. From what I have gathered, they do it on Friday’s, but I wouldn’t see why I would actually have to post them on Friday, why wouldn’t Saturday work? So that’s going to be one of my weekly Saturday posts! The photo challenge for that day! I’ve got an expensive (to me) DSLR camera sitting in my yarn tote, that unfortunately really only gets used when I finish a crochet project and I need to take a picture to post on my facebook page for my crochet or on my Etsy. I’m trying to get better with my blogging, blogging more often and not letting it go 3-4 weeks in between a blog post! I purchased this particular blog to have an outlet for myself. I enjoy writing, but I know that I would NEVER ever be able to write a book. I think it would be pretty neat to be an author, however, I just don’t think I have it in me to do it.

Anyways, keep on the look out for the photo challenges that will be coming soon!

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