My first Lula Roe Experience #lularoe

A few weeks ago, I joined a group on facebook for Direct Sales Swaps. You trade equal value in products that either you sell, or that you just have on hand, that you’ve bought. You can also find people who want to join another company, and either do an enrollment swap, or also do order swaps. I have only done product stock swaps, because of how tight money has been. And it’s all been products that I have purchased from other people and not anything from It Works! 

Anyways, I ventured out and mentioned that I do crochet and sell it and I had a lady message me about swapping her some crochet hats for Lula Roe. I hadn’t ever tried Lula Roe before and I knew I wanted to, just hadn’t been able to yet because, well, like I said money has been tight. But I have heard so many good things about Lula Roe, how buttery soft their leggings are, how comfortable their shirts are.

If you take NOTHING else away from this blog post, take this..


My new friend, Robyn, has a facebook group dedicated to nothing but Lula Roe! Here’s the link to her group –

Anyways, we traded 3 hats, valued at $60 for a Randy Shirt and a pair of leggings!


Keep in mind, this is something that is SO out of my comfort zone wearing bright colors like this, and the pants are much brighter than the picture looks! But I love them! They have helped so much with my incisions from my surgery last week. I get the TC leggings, which are Tall & Curvy, and fit sizes 12-22. I could probably wear the One Size ones, but I went for these just in case. For the shirt, which is a Randy, I got a 2xl because she said they run small. It fits good and it’s super comfortable.

Here are the hats that she wanted!

The second outfit that I have from Lula Roe, I got brave and got TC Print leggings. I love them!


This is the Classic Tee. I was able to get a size Medium in it and it fits! However, apparently it makes me look pregnant, because while at Walmart wearing this shirt (with my red pants…) I was asked when I was due! Which is SO rude when you don’t actually know the person. But whatever!

Rosalie now has 2 pair of leggings and an adorable dress. They also have Mommy & Me sets, which I’ll probably end up getting some soon for her and I! They also have mens and boys shirts, leggings and dresses for girls, leggings for tweens, and dresses for women! The selection and prints/colors are absolutely endless!

I’m going to post the link to Robyn’s group again because she’s super fast with shipping and very helpful with picking stuff out that matches really well!

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