Wedding Graphghan in progress #crochet

I started this a couple days ago as a Christmas present and I’m really hoping I get it done in time for Christmas. I had originally hoped to be further than row 20 3 days in, but this is so time consuming and I have to count absolutely every single stitch, because if I’m off even 1 stitch, the whole picture on the afghan will end up messing up.

I’ve made a c2c afghan before, but c2c is fairly easy, and I think it was only 50×50 or 75×75 so it came out to the perfect size for a baby! This afghan I’m working on is 150×175, and is going to be my biggest graph project ever!

If you’re not familiar with crochet, you might be asking what I mean when I say graph.. Well, quite simply, it’s a graph that has a picture on it and you follow that. When your project is done, you will have a picture. In this case, here’s the picture I’m using. Note: I had the names and date changed however, I won’t post those or the finished project until AFTER Christmas because I want to make sure I don’t spoil the Christmas surprise! 


I am in a group on facebook called Jordan’s Custom Graphs and the Hoover Next to Him, which is run by a husband and wife. I won a free graph and chose this one to get. 

I see a lot of people who share pictures of their work in progress that use Bobbins when they have to use multiple colors, so they don’t have a million and one (sometimes it feels like that) ends to weave in, but bobbins intimidate the crap out of me, and honestly, I find weaving in ends therapeutic and calming. I often get told I should offer to weave in people’s ends for a small fee, but I don’t think that would go over well lol. I weave my ends in every 5 rows, so they don’t get totally out of control.That way at the end, since this afghan is 175 rows tall, I also won’t have an uneven amount of rows to weave in! I try to think smart sometimes! I am currently only 20 rows in, actually JUST finished weaving those ends in, so now I’m going to go shower, get dressed, and work on this some more while waiting on some laundry to get done so I can fold it and put it away. I’ll share picture of the progress in a later post, maybe this weekend or Monday.. Keep an eye out!

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