Black Friday 2016

Do you shop Black Friday sales in store? Are you addicted to the hustle and bustle? The sales? What makes you want to go deal with the rudeness from the other customers? 

I don’t know why I enjoy going so much. I know I like going for SOME of the sales, but this year, there wasn’t but one thing that I absolutely wanted.. The 27 piece Pioneer Woman Cookware set that was available at Walmart for $89. Did I get it?


The Walmart store where I went only had 7. Bummed, I was, but it’s fine! That’s money that I saved.. I did end up getting some of the deals they had on jeans for Michael, Connor and Hubby. Always got packs of socks – 10 for $3. Other than pajamas for Rosalie (I always try to get her about 3 pair for this year and then get some in the next size up for next year also.)

People can be so rude when there. The first year I ever went was 2012 and I was about 20ish weeks pregnant with Rosalie. We went for a $99 xbox 360 for the boys Christmas gift, and I stood in my little corner the whole time I was there, except for once, when I had to go to the bathroom. I got jabbed in the stomach and ended up just staying in my little corner until they went on sale. I think I ended up getting a camera that year as well. I think 2014 I kept my nephews while my sister in law and brother went shopping, then I did go in 2015 for my DSLR camera. Michael went with me last year and he had fun. He sat in the shopping cart and read an entire book while we waited, then put that book back & read another while we stood in line. By the time we were done, we ended up buying book 3 in the series he chose, because he had gotten through 2 of the books!

My mom and I went to JCPenney about 30 minutes up the road from where the Walmart was because they had some good deals on shoes for the boys, and that’s all I got there. I’m kind of wishing we would have gone to the Walmart Supercenter there because I think they would have had more than 7 of the cookware sets. But that’s okay! We were in and out of walmart in less than 45 minutes and back to spending time with my family!

Did you get any good deals?

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