I’m leavin’ on a Jet Plane! {>2 days}

Could you read the title of this post without singing? I couldn’t type it without singing either LOL! In less than 2 days I will be heading from Kansas City, MO to Tampa, Fl for 4 nights! I’m pretty excited! This will be the 2nd time that I’ll be traveling by myself for It Works business and I can’t wait. 

I mean, I’m not so excited to leave my kids and Hubby because I know I”ll miss them like crazy, considering I did last year also, but I’m so excited to get to hang out with some family while I’m there, as well as a ton of other It Works distributors! I enjoy meeting new people. I will be staying by myself, which I could have stayed with some other girls on our team, but last year, I did that and I just didn’t have fun. No one included me (or tried to include me) in stuff they were doing, I’m assuming because I was a new person and no one knew me. I did try to meet new people there and tried to include myself, but I felt so out of place. I’m not outgoing, I never have been. It kind of bothered me that they didn’t try to include me. A lot of the girls partied and drank a lot, and that’s not my scene. I’ll be able to sleep this year, which will be NICE! King sized bed all to myself!

My plane leaves at 6am Wednesday morning, so I’m not exactly looking forward to being up before 4am just to leave my house at 4 to be at the airport by 5, but it’s whatever! I have a 2.5 hour layover in Washington D.C. on the way to Tampa, and another 1.5 hour layover in Charlotte, NC on the way back home, but that’s okay! Haven’t ever been to either of those places, so just to be able to say I’ve been there will be nice.

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