How does a $5000 or HIGHER bonus sound?


So yeah, about THAT title! How would any of these bonuses sound? Right now, the CEO of It Works Global is offering the bonuses pictured to ANY new distributor who joins before May 31 and gets to that rank! That means, if you’re truly motivated, and go ambassador diamond in 10 months, you could earn every single one of those bonuses under the Go Fast column! That is $340,000 in bonuses, ON TOP of your residual monthly income! Do you know what residual income is? That’s the money that you earn month to month! Keep on reading to see what the average monthly income is with these ranks!

average income monthly

So I apologize for the grainy quality of the picture & the red circle & arrow. I took this while at our yearly conference in SUNNY TAMPA, FLORIDA this past weekend and circled where I am right now with an arrow pointing to where I want to be by the end of the year. Y’all, this company is real. I mean, they wouldn’t have named it It Works if it didn’t work!!!! That’s just common sense right?! In the first 20-30 minutes of our conference this year, our CEO gave $10,000 to one distributor (rank Executive), $15,000 to another (I forget her rank) and $20,000 to another (another Executive) just to help them pay off their debts! WHO DOES THAT? Why did our CEO do that? His reply was, “Because I can!” Over the course of Friday, I watched him give away $135,000 in cash, because he can!

This company is all about being Debt Free, I mean our CEO and his wife bought an island…. with CASH!

Sorry, I got sidetracked! I am looking for 5 people who want to earn one or MORE of those fast or go fast bonuses listed above! What could $5000 do for your family? What about $10,000?

It takes a distributor roughly 6 months to get to Diamond rank, when they work hard, but I heard from a couple of people who did it in 3 months, even 1 month! AMAZING!! 

Think this is something that could help you and your family out? $5000 or $10000 bonus ON TOP OF $2000 monthly income? We NEED to chat! 816-920-3206, or Facebook message me or my Business Page! 


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