Weekend Away

We went down to Thayer this weekend, which is where I grew up and where we moved to Kansas City from. That’s also where Hubby’s sister lives, as well as my family. It had been since Christmas that we had been down, so close to 3 months, and you know how Grandparents get when they don’t get to see their Grandbabies ūüėȬ†

We did go down with ulterior motives. My mother in law’s van had broken down a while back and it had been parked at my grandparents house, so we rented a uhaul auto transport trailor and brought it back up here.

While we were there, we went ahead and had Rosalie a birthday party since we wouldn’t be there for her actual birthday, which is March 31! How on earth is my baby going to be 4 this year already?! Makes me want to cry! She wanted a Moana Cake so my Grammie went & ordered it for her & we picked it up Saturday morning. It turned out super cute!

rosalie cake 2

She’s into so many different things and I think only 2 people asked me what she liked. One was my sister in law, and she asked if Rosalie preferred Barbies or baby dolls. Right now, she’s in a Barbie doll phase, so my sister in law spent 10-15 minutes in the Barbie Doll aisle at Walmart looking for an Asian Barbie Doll because “every little girl needs an Asian Barbie”. LOL. My Sister in Law is Asian as well, so made sense to me. The other person was my cousin who called and asked what she liked and this was after she had already opened her gifts, so I told her she had gotten a lot of shopkins.

Rosalie & willI never realized how many different types of Shopkins there were! Hubby and I got her a big house for her shopkins, she got 3-4 different packs of shopkins, and it shocked me that she didn’t get any 2 that were the same! I’m going to have to find her some kind of Shopkins storage to hold them all, because I’m sure these won’t be the only ones she gets! She could sit and play with them for hours!

Anna Elsa

One of my Aunts & Uncles weren’t able to be there, as they were out of town with their grandsons while their son & daughter in law went to Chicago for some kind of dental thing for him, so they sent their gift for Rosalie with my Grammie. This is one of the ONLY NON Shopkins¬†related gifts she got. My mom got her some kind of turtle thing that came with a “tank” that gets filled with water. She named the turtle “Little” and loves putting him in the bath with her so he can swim around in the bathtub.

We will be doing something for her on her actual birthday. Not entirely sure WHAT we’re going to be doing, but I do know we are going to get or make her a Shopkins themed birthday cake! She’s really been wanting to go to Chuck-E-Cheese for her birthday, but with her not being in school and us not knowing enough people who have kids around her age, it would just be her and her brothers, so I’m not sure I want to pay for a birthday party for her there when we could just go. I just don’t know. We might go bowling and to the arcade at Main Event here in Independence. She always seems to enjoy that.

She starts school in August, so next year for her birthday party, we can have it somewhere she can invite her friends from school.

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