Newest #Crochet Afghan

I am all about custom crochet projects, so when I was contacted via ETSY about turning a logo for where this lady works into an afghan I jumped on the chance! I knew it would be pretty easy to do, so I gladly accepted it!


From what I could gather, she works at Dartmouth College in some department there. I haven’t been able to find out exactly where online, and really, that’s not my business, I just wanted to know the department so I could share the picture on Instagram. Anyways, it was really easy to do, but I couldn’t find the exact shades of green I needed. I mailed it off, and 3 days later got it back in the mail with it saying undeliverable. The lady who ordered it had it sent to her mail room at work and for some reason it wouldn’t deliver there, so she then gave me her home address.


The next afghan I am making is going to be a hit with a certain direct sales company, I believe. I’ll be sure to post pictures of that once I’m done!

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