Do you drink Energy Drinks? I used to! I used to drink Monster Khaos, but I would get such a crazy crash after it wore off and that nasty after taste, I stopped. When I joined It Works back in January of 2015, they were JUST coming out with their Energy drink, aptly called ENERGY. 

When I say JUST coming out with it, I mean, it wasn’t even for sale yet! It actually didn’t go on sale until March of 2015, so about 2 months AFTER I started selling for this company! I was pretty hesitant to buy it because what if I didn’t like the taste? What if I didn’t actually see any extra energy from it, because I was already getting energy from our Greens that I was taking! My husband said, “Well, what’s the worst that can happen? You buy it and don’t like it? I’m sure there’s another distributor nearby that WOULD like it and might trade you for something close in price.” So when they did their early sale, I bought the 24 pack, which they no longer offer. I. Became. Hooked!


Which is why I’m pretty stinkin’ stoked right now that they have their Buy One Get One FREE sale going on until March 29th! You buy one 12 pack for $30 and you get another 12 pack absolutely FREE! Go ahead and click HERE to take you directly to the page for our BOGO deal! The price – getting 24 cans of ENERGY for $30, makes them come out to only $1.25 per can! That’s better than some of the other drinks you can get at a convenient store!


I’d love to chat with you more about this product if you’re a fan of energy drinks!

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