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You guys might or might not know that I have a Book Review Blog <— go ahead & click… you know you want to! 

While I might not mention it a whole lot, I wanted to go ahead and mention that I have a giveaway LIVE on there right now! There are LOW entries so your chances of winning are going to be good! And trust me, both of the books that I am giving away are wonderful! They’re written by my sister in law, both are for sale on Amazon. You will win an eBook copy of her newest book, The Blood Pawn AND an autographed copy of one of her earliest books, Loving The Cult. I really enjoyed them both!

All you gotta do is click this picture and it will take you to the post where I wrote my review of The Blood Pawn and where the giveaway is held!


Also, I wanted to mention that I got an email from Mia Hopkins, and her book, Cowboy Rising (Cowboy Cocktail Book 5) is free until May 16th in honor of Mother’s Day! Click the link (The book title) just above and go grab that on Amazon!

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