Baseball – now football!

So back in April the boys did baseball. They were on the same team this year which was so much easier because I got to go to every game and watch them play. I didn’t have to worry about them having games on the same night and picking which one I wanted to go to. Last year, that’s what happened some nights. Rc would end up going with Michael and I would end up going with Connor to watch him. Michael ended up not wanting to pitch this year, which is fine. Instead, he preferred catching and when he did catch he was phenomenal! He did so well, I thought. There were 2 catchers this year so he didn’t get to catch every game and let me tell you, I think had he been catching for the last game (which was a tournament game) they would have won instead of losing. Because one boy got up and hit a home run, which scored 2 runs, putting the other team up by 1. However the boy in the outfield got the ball quickly and threw it home to get the other boy out, but the catcher was laying on the ground throwing a fit instead of just waiting to see if there was a play that could have been made. They could have made the play, and to see how upset the boys were with that catcher was heartbreaking. They still had a very good year. I think next year we’re going to go with a different league. They play more tournaments, and I think my boys want to be on a team where they actually care. I don’t want to say anything bad but the coaches just didn’t care. It was 2 boys who always started out pitching and you could tell one of them didn’t give a crap how well he pitched. He would get up there and shake his butt around and be goofy and just barely throw the ball. But I can’t control the other boys! I know my boys got frustrated with how things were going. Connor was told he could pitch a couple of games. The one game he did get to pitch the head coach wasn’t there and I think that’s the only reason he got to pitch. He does good pitching. I was standing in as a batter here at home while he was practicing pitching & Michael catching and I had to stop a ball from coming at my face. Well, I could (and probably should have) just ducked but I stopped it with my hand. My hand was bruised the next day. I laughed it off but Connor felt horrible. I tried to tell him NOT to feel bad, because that means he is throwing hard and out of that time of him pitching to me, I think he only got 5/25 not in the strike zone.

Anyways, baseball is over and now we are on to football. I don’t know a whole lot about football and I’ll be honest with you, it makes me a little nervous them playing football, due to concussions and stuff, but they want to so I’m not going to let MY fear hold them back! They want to do it, so they are! Connor has a draft conditioning tonight and Michael starts practice tomorrow night. For some reason, Michael immediately got put on a team, but Connor has to do the draft. Michael’s about average for his age group so I don’t think it’s because of his size, I’m just not sure why he got on a team right away and Connor didn’t, but that’s fine! Connor does have a friend who is playing in the league so we’re hoping they get on the same team. I don’t know of anyone that Michael will know that is going to be on his team since we’re playing in a league further away from the town we live in, most of these kids will be going to a different school district than the ones my boys go to.

Michael’s team colors are going to be gold and black, and they are going to be the Tigers. This absolutely hurts my soul lol. I am a solid Arkansas Razorbacks fan and I have always stayed very far away from Black & Gold and anything Tiger related because Tigers (whether it be LSU Tigers or Mizzou Tigers) and Razorbacks are huge rivals. So yeah, it’s going to take some getting used to for me -.-

This will be both boys’ first year playing football. So it should be interesting, but I think they’ll do well and enjoy it! Of course, Miss Rosalie is going to get a Cheerleading uniform to wear to games, and I’m honestly not sure if they have cheerleaders, but her being only 4 she won’t be able to cheer, but she can sure cheer from the stands for big brothers!

I’ll be back later today or tomorrow to write another post.

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