Personalized Embroidered Shirts {Review}

One thing I really enjoy doing is supporting small home based businesses, because I have 2 of my own! So when I had the opportunity to purchase some shirts from Artistic Threads at a discount in exchange for some pictures for her to use for her Instagram, Website and Etsy Shop I jumped all over the chance!

I got some for Rosalie and I couldn’t be more happy with them! The turn around time that it took for me to get them was amazingly fast. These are custom embroidered shirts, and it took maybe 3-4 days to get them in the mail once I paid my invoice!


This is the shirt that I let her pick out and I think it’s her favorite! Her and my dad, whom she calls Pawpaw, are pretty much BFF’s and he drives a school bus (along with doing maintenance on them) and she knows this, so she wanted the shirt with her name & the school bus on it.


And this shirt, I didn’t give her a say in getting, because it is PERFECT for her! She is constantly coming up to us and tagging us while running away yelling, “TAG!! You’re It!” When I saw it, I told Hubby that it was so Rosalie, so I got this one too!

The colors on both shirts are so bold and bright. They’re awesome. She doesn’t only have these 2 shirts, but a plethora of Back To School shirts, Preschool shirts, Homeschool shirts and some others as well. Definitely check her out!!

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