Up at 6?? What in the world?

Guys, I never wake up before 8 in the morning during the summer, and I didn’t even have my alarm set until 6:30 this morning, and here it is 6:35am and I am already wide awake. I think my alarm went off at 6 (I totally thought I had it set for 6:30…but apparently I don’t know how to work my new phone lol).

That’s okay though, I’ve got coffee and laundry going, I’ve started #3/5 doll that I need to finish and I will be resuming Heartland as soon as I finish this blog post. Which reminds me. I know in the show Lou is a mommy blogger, and I just found her actual blog online. Guys, I’m fangirling so hard right now! Like, I didn’t realize they actually had a blog online that they updated with her posts, and I think that’s so freakin’ cool! While I don’t make tons of money with my blog, I certainly hope to one of these days!

Football practice for the boys is going amazing! They got their pads yesterday, along with helmets and Michael had his first pad/helmet practice. Connor also got his, but he doesn’t get to start practicing until next week because they are still working on their mandatory 8 hours of unpadded conditioning. There are a couple things that he is still going to need, one of the biggest things being a chin strap for his helmet because the one he got with his helmet is HUGE on him!

We got their cleats at Dick’s sporting goods on Friday of last week and they’re pretty slick, if I must say so myself.


His team colors are black and yellow, he will have black football pants, however, I’m not entirely sure what color his jersey is going to be, because honestly, his team moms (I am NOT ONE) are a little disorganized. His helmet is white with yellow and black stripes going down it.

Michael also got the same pair of cleats, because the ones that he really wanted were online orders only. Michael is also right at the cusp of child size/adult size. Thankfully, since money was tight this past week, we didn’t have to get him an adult pair of cleats, because his feet haven’t grown since baseball season and he was still able to get a child’s 6, however, I have a feeling next baseball season (if they play, which I REALLY hope they do because baseball is my sport!) he will be in adults! Last year, we got him a 4 and by this year his feet grew 2 sizes!

Michael’s team colors are also black & yellow, he will have black football pants with yellow stripes down the sides and his jersey will be kind of a yellow and black camo look. Oh! And Michael’s team is the Tigers while Connor is the Yellow Jackets! I’m telling you, though, all this black and yellow (and Tigers – gross!) is hard on this Arkansas Razorbacks fan! My boys have always teased me and said, “Mom, I’m going to buy you this because it’s Mizzou Tigers…” Now I kind of don’t have a choice as to whether I get something with Tigers on it because it’s going to be inevitable. However, it will NEVER say Mizzou on it 😉

I guess I’m going to head off for a little bit and work on another doll! I haven’t posted a picture of them yet I don’t think, so I will get to another post on those later! They’re too cute!

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