SleepyHead Dolls (Crochet)

I found a picture on Pinterest for these adorable little dolls and followed the link to the youtube video! I followed it & made Rosalie a doll. It turned out super cute so I listed it on Etsy and have since made a total of 6! They have been huge sellers! Here’s the Etsy listing for them!

Read on for pictures!

She loves the little doll and has taken to sleeping with it every night. She will make sure it is covered up also!

I think I have since made purple, grey, white, lilac, pink, green and I want to say another color but I’m not sure! I’m just waiting on more pictures so I can add those to my etsy listing! Some of the people who purchased agreed to send me high quality pictures once they received their item so they got a discount on their doll! I do this for a lot of my products, so if you ever see something you are interested in and have a good camera that can take good quality (not blurry) pictures, hit me up via etsy & see if I will work with you on that discount (You have a 99% chance that I will!)

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