Cute Shirts {Review}

All 3 of my kids are brand reps for Doodle Mouse Creations, and I got Rosalie’s shirt in the mail the other day! To say I’m happy with it is an understatement!


The first shirt that I got from Rosalie says “Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti“. It is black writing on a hot pink shirt and let me tell you, the shirt was as soft as they come! One thing I worried about was that I ordered a size child’s small, and it could have fit Connor, who normally wears Medium. So I bunched up the back of the shirt and used one of those little rubber bands that you would use on a little girls hair, and also bunched up the sleeves (which you can kind of tell from the picture above). The shirt still is super cute and I’m excited because it will fit her for a few years!

Want to order your own? Click the link —-> Doodle Mouse Creations Etsy¬†and then enter code LOVEDMC at checkout for 10% discount!


In this picture you can definitely tell that I bunched up the sleeves, but like I said, the shirt is still really cute. Bunching it up in the back made sure that the front was still easily readable.

My favorite picture from this photoshoot is below! Since I didn’t have confetti, I had her grab a couple hand fulls of dried leaves, and throw them up, and I was able to get the picture while they were falling! I would have preferred the one not being in her face, but it is what it is!


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