Fortnite: Gamer Girl

Guys, right before Christmas, my husband introduced me to a game he had started playing around Thanksgiving. It’s called Fortnite. I. AM. HOOKED. It’s super frustrating, especially when you lag and are killed, but other than that, it’s a fun game! I will eventually start streaming, but I have to figure out why I lag, or why I get kicked off the game when I try to stream through Twitch. It’s most likely something to do with my internet, but who knows! I can stream just fine when I play on my sons playstation 4, but when it comes to streaming on my computer, it does the whole kicking me off. For now, I record my gameplay through the Xbox app on my computer, since I have a PC with Microsoft stuff on it. One of these days, I will actually get my first solo win! Currently, I have 1 duo win, which was won by my husband and me, I believe in a Solid Gold match, and 35 Squad wins. Not great, when compared to other people, but I’ll get there!

Anyone else play this ever frustrating, yet highly addictive game? If so, add me on Epic and we can duo sometime! I am TheJessicaCali 🙂 (Original right?!)

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