About Me


That’s me & this is my story..

I’m Jessica. I was born 09.02.84 at 12:55 PM in Howell County, Missouri. For the first 10 1/2 years of my life, My mom, younger brother & I lived with my grandparents. In April of 1995, my mom married my dad. (He adopted my oldest (I say oldest, but he is the oldest of my 3 younger brothers) and myself. Since that day, he has been my dad. I didn’t know my biological father (I will NEVER call that man my dad, I rarely ever even refer to him as a father, normally, I call him my sperm donor) until I was ALMOST 19 years old. He wanted nothing to do with me. He tries to argue that my mom & her mom wouldn’t let him have anything to do with me, but if he really was that worried about it, and it was the truth that they wouldn’t let him have anything to do with me, then he would have taken them to court over it. Apparently I didn’t mean all that much to him. (Whatever!! This is a very sore subject for me – one I may have to blog about one day.)

I am an It Works Distributor and I am always looking to share the business opportunity or products with people! I love this company, and I love what they stand for. The products are amazing and I have seen so many amazing results from them. Have you ever heard of It Works? No, well, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! The company isn’t called It Works because the products DON’T work! We became famous for That Crazy Wrap Thing! Anyways, It Works is a health and wellness Direct Sales Company. I have been selling It Works since January 31, 2015 and I am SO incredibly happy I did! Here’s just ONE before and after picture from a wrap! These are the results after just 48 hours!


When I was 16, I met my husband at the bowling alley that used to be in town. We didn’t start dating for another 4 years, because at the time we met, he had a girlfriend. They broke up, and he got another one. It wasn’t until his last girlfriend left him, we started chatting on his brother’s Yahoo! Messenger account. Finally, he added me to his, and we started talking. His brother, him & I decided that we were going to meet up at the courts & play some basketball. I totally kicked both of their butts too! It’s rather funny, because both him & his brother liked me, and I liked his brother. Anyways, after that, we went to the movies to see National Treasure. Again, his brother came along! Thanksgiving night of 2004, he came out to my house & we watched some movies, with my cousin, who was 12 at the time. I don’t even remember what we watched, but it didn’t hold my cousin’s interest, so RC (my husband) and I ended up watching them together. It wasn’t until a couple days later, when I got ready to leave his house around 4am, that he finally made the move. The next night we officially started dating. We got pretty serious, fast. But I wouldn’t change it for the world!! We got married on March 31, 2007. We have been married almost 10 years now! Yes we have had our ups and downs [what couple doesn’t?!] but he’s my heart & soul!

We are the proud parents of 3 beautiful kids – Michael is 10 (11 on August 11), Connor 8 (9 on June 19) & Rosalie will be 4 on March 31 – which also happens to be our wedding anniversary! We are blessed!

I am blessed with a slew of nieces & nephews! They are Tony (19), Jacob (15), Abby (13), Destinee (13), Adrianna (7), Tobias (6), Wyatt (4), Thea (4), Chandler (4) & Eli (almost 4), who we’ve never met. I also can’t forget Noah, who plays in the clouds. He would be 11 (this coming March). 2 are my brother Tim’s boys (Tobias & Chandler) & the others are all from RC’s 2 sisters & brother!

I will share with you my love of my family, photography (though I am nothing more than an amateur!) & crocheting!