Adorable Stuffed #Crochet Bears

Surfing through Pinterest to find some new stuffed animal patterns that were free, I stumbled across a pin for Hello Seattle Crochet’s adorable stuffed crochet bear. I did one and it took me just about a day to make (so less than 24 hours since I DID sleep). I finished the head part and then went to bed. Woke up the next morning and did the rest of the parts, stuffed them all, then sewed them all together. The outcome was adorable.

Want your own? Go ahead and order it! Keep in mind, the colors are 100% customizable!!

One thing I look for when I am looking for a new stuffy, or amigurumi, to make is how many items it requires. Most you find will need buttons or safety eyes for the eyes, but I like making ones that don’t require those, so they’re safer for babies!

I guess I could write a review on the pattern I found.

I had absolutely NO problem following the pattern. It worked up quick and easy. The only thing I would have changed, which I did also add on the Ravelry, was maybe explain HOW to embroidery the eyes on after you’ve stuffed the head, or mention embroidering them BEFORE you stuff the head! I figured it out thanks to a Youtube video, so I hope I did it right, but that would be the only thing to change!

The adorable bears are coming out about 7-8 inches I think, just by my gauging the size, because of course, I forgot to measure it. But I am working on Bear #2, a mint/aqua green with lavender heart & cheeks, so I’ll have to make sure I get it measured! I have an adorable frog measuring tape that I really can’t use for much because it doesn’t go as long as I’d like, but it would be perfect for this.

How funny that I have a frog measuring tape when I absolutely HATE frogs?!

Happy hooking!

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