I think I want a Daith Piercing

I have spoken to 5-6 people who have a Daith Piercing and they have said they help their headaches immensely. I wake up about 5 out of 7 days with a headache, and at least 2 of those days they last almost all day. I don’t know if they’re migraines, if I’ve ever had a migraine, or anything like that, but I do know that on Sunday, I woke up with the worse headache I’ve had in a while. Mine are always on the right side right above my eye.  Continue reading

Weekend Away

We went down to Thayer this weekend, which is where I grew up and where we moved to Kansas City from. That’s also where Hubby’s sister lives, as well as my family. It had been since Christmas that we had been down, so close to 3 months, and you know how Grandparents get when they don’t get to see their Grandbabies 😉  Continue reading

Here for another year!

I can’t believe I have passed my 1 year blog-a-versary with this blog! I guess that’s the good thing about having the domain name on Auto-renew – You don’t have to really think about it! I’m horrible at checking my email frequently, which is why I currently have 3557 unread in just ONE account (and I have a couple accounts…1 for personal, one for It Works, One for this, One for my crochet… yeah…) so when I looked in my email I saw I had one from  Continue reading

How does a $5000 or HIGHER bonus sound?


So yeah, about THAT title! How would any of these bonuses sound? Right now, the CEO of It Works Global is offering the bonuses pictured to ANY new distributor who joins before May 31 and gets to that rank! That means, if you’re truly motivated, and go ambassador diamond in 10 months, you could earn every single one of those bonuses under the Go Fast column! That is $340,000 in bonuses, ON TOP of your residual monthly income! Do you know what residual income is? That’s the money that you earn month to month! Keep on reading to see what the average monthly income is with these ranks!

Continue reading

4 Things that will help you create an eco-friendly environment

There has been a lot of talk lately about homeowners and their obligations towards the environment. Even if you are not interested in conserving the planet, you can’t close your eyes to all the saving which you can make by going green.

Most eco-bloggers mention small changes such as using eco-friendly light bulbs or consuming less water. In this article, I wish to touch on bigger changes; changes that will render you completely independent from the local energy supplier allowing you to run your household without any interference. Continue reading