Purple/Black Spider Web Crochet Afghan

My cousin text me last night asking if I could crochet an afghan that looked like a spiderweb, and I quickly knew that one of my all time favorite afghan patterns would be perfect because I knew that I had seen a red, blue and black one for Spiderman. So, I am heading to Walmart later today to get the purple yarn that she wants, and I already have the black yarn that it will use.  Continue reading

What’s been on my hook #crochet

My little fingers haven’t ever been this busy in the time-span of about 2 weeks! I’ve crocheted quite a bit and gotten quite a few orders, even if 2 of those orders have been for swaps, meaning they chose what they wanted me to make & we traded. They sent me something in return, either that they made or from a direct sales company that they sell for.  Continue reading