Coagulation of blood and Plavix

Issues with blood coagulation are usually caused by faulty genetics. Mutation of genes that are controlling coagulation can lead to this condition. However, it cannot happen on its own. Besides genetics, patient also need to be a smoker, to have issues with hormones, to have increased amount of fats in blood, diabetes, to be pregnant, to have limited mobility or to be old, it order to suffer from this condition. This disturbance can lead to creation of blood clots that are causing blockage within arteries. As a result, patient may develop thrombus within blood vessels. At one point, this thrombus may fall of and clog one of the important veins.

Women are the riskier group. During pregnancy and after labor, there is increased risk for blood clot to develop. Use of oral contraception can also have impact of development of this debilitating state.  If a woman has increased chance of suffering from blood clots, she needs to stop using these drugs and to perform regular check-ups. If you buy Plavix online, you are able to efficiently control this issue. Given the potential risk, females are regularly educated about possible consequences of blood clots.

As previously mentioned, genetics also play a big role when it comes to this condition. Genetic changes of coagulation factors V and II can lead to it. Between 5 and 7 % of white people have factor V mutation while 2 to 3 % of them have factor II mutation. Furthermore, chance of mutation increases for the next generation. If your parents had this issue, there is about 50 % chance that you will suffer from it as well. On the other hand, if your grandparents had it, percentage drastically falls off. But, the fact that genetic predisposition exists doesn’t mean that a person will have blood clot or any state connected to it. Nevertheless, these individuals should avoid all the elements which could lead to creation of this issue.

Like any medical issue, patient should do his best in order to prevent it from appearing. Those who have chance of getting deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary emboli, inflammation of veins or chronic thrombosis should test themselves. Similarly, all those women who contemplate using hormonal contraception or infertility treatment should perform necessary analysis before taking the drugs. Have in mind that women who have genetic predisposition for blood clots can have complications during pregnancy and labor.

According to experts from You! Drugstore, Plavix is one of the best drugs for this particular medical issue. It prevents formation of blood clots and it is a great solution for all those patients that are facing imminent heart attack or stroke. This medicine also makes it easier for patient to bleed. Because of this, it shouldn’t be used prior to surgeries. People who have bleeding issues, kidney disease, stomach ulcer, history of stroke or those who are allergic to this medicine, should consult with a  doctor before using it. Common side effects that may occur after using Plavix are chest pain, itching, bruising, swelling, redness, appearance of red and blue spots on skin.


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