Gymboree’s Made You Smile Campaign + News

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Gymboree has been celebrating childhood for over 30 years, dressing kids from newborn to 12 years old. We offer colorful, head-to-toe clothing and accessory collections—quality clothes that let kids be kids. At Gymboree, we’re proud to dress your family for the moments that matter most – offering everything from quality playwear that stands the test of playtime to coordinated dressy looks for the perfect family photo.

Gymboree, the San Francisco-based children’s apparel retailer that recently declared bankruptcy after shutting over 300 store-fronts last year, unveiled a rebrand on July 16 and ‘Rick-rolling’ fans in the process.

The rebrand includes an all-new collection, focused on quality fabrics, comfortable designs and plenty of denim – supported by a national marketing campaign released in time for back-to-school.

Gymboree Sale On Now!

And you know what?! Having my kids home all day during the summer, or any ways, most days during the summer, as my almost 12 year old has started going to work with dad since dad owns his own business has given me all the smiles. Do they drive me nuts? Oh of course. My 2 youngest rarely ever get along so more times than not, I’m having to tell them to stop arguing. But I know the time that they’re little and younger is going to speed by, because let’s face it, I am NOT ready for Michael to turn 13 in a year! I’m not ready for school to be less than a month away, because I feel we haven’t made the most of our summer! However, thanks to Gymboree they have made back to school shopping for clothes easier! They have reimagined their brand and they have the cutest stuff there now too! I mean, okay yeah, it was cute before, but now it’s more styles that are “in”.

So I guess what makes me smile about Gymboree is that they have super cute clothes that are comfortable and you’re easily able to mix and match what you buy from there, they make it really easy to find “hip” and “in style” clothes for kids (can they start making adult clothes too?!?!)

I thought it would be fun to ask my kids what makes them smile also!

Rosalie (5): Going Swimming, Mommy hugs, Playing with my friends, Getting ready for Kindergarten, Painting Pictures

Connor (10): Going Swimming, Seeing my family, Going out to eat, Going to Football Practice, Going to the movies

Michael (12): Going to work, Swimming, Sports, Video Games, Creating stuff like pictures and stuff

Out of the 3 of them, Michael listed his off the quickest. I’m really surprised neither of my boys said “Fortnite” which I will admit, makes me smile and angry at the same time! Well, Fortnite makes me smile and angry, not the fact that my boys didn’t say it! I play Fortnite, and yeah fun game but oh so frustrating at the same time!

Free shipping Over $50 + Free Returns at Gymboree

^ That’s another thing I love about Gymboree! They’re always offering amazing discounts and whatnot! The shipping won’t necessarily apply to me because I am lucky enough to live with in 20 miles of a Gymboree Store, but I know a ton of family who I’m gonna have to tell about that because they aren’t as lucky.

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