I’m back!!

After months of not being able to figure out exactly what happened with my website and my hosting plan, not being able to figure out WHY GoDaddy CANCELLED my account, and them not trying to work with me to get anything back, I lost everything from both this website and Cali Book Reviews

I was able to handle this website being gone a LOT better than I was with CBR because I had worked SO HARD on that one since 2014 and every.single.thing had vanished. I honestly cried. That was over roughly 300 book reviews and so much more.

I have had CBR back up for a little over a month now, but have just now gotten around to figuring out HOW to get wordpress installed on TJC. It’s not as easy as it looks, since this is now an add-on domain for CBR and I am using the CBR hosting account for TJC!

However, being up since 0630 this morning I finally decided I might as well figure it out, so viola!! I did!

Keep an eye out for MORE crochet related stuff, MORE video gaming stuff, and MORE overall random blog posts! Writing is something I enjoy doing so I want to just have an outlet for things! Who knows what you’ll see on here! My kids are all going to be in school this fall, the boys are currently playing baseball (with only 2 games left) and will both be playing football this fall! So I’m hoping to maybe figure out some kind of snacks and stuff that I can feature on here. I want this blog to be a blog where I can make money with, so I’m going to be looking into doing some reviews also!

I know I have a long way to go to get to the money making process, but I won’t quit! For now, I have a hat and diaper cover set to finish so I can mail it today.

Be Blessed.


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