Know what sucks?

So a couple months ago, I had gone up to my vehicle to do something, and I noticed there weren’t any license plates on it. I thought it was weird, but I asked my father in law if he had took them off for some reason. He hadn’t, of course, and turns out, the plates were stolen, so I had to go through doing a police report and all this other not so fun stuff. Sitting at the DMV in the area I live in is no huge deal, it just seems to take forever. I don’t think I have ever been in and out in less than an hour. Anyways, that is beside the point.

This morning he went up to our car to grab his wallet, since he left it in the center console while at a baseball game last night, and forgot to bring it in. (The shorts he wears to baseball games *he’s a coach* doesn’t have pockets) Anyway, he went to get his wallet from the center console and it was gone. So now we are going to have to deal with so much stuff, because not only were all his cards in it, so was his social security card. I have told him to not carry that in his wallet, but he hadn’t taken it out yet. Sucks.

I have been able to cancel his credit card, which is a Western Union Prepaid card, so that was pretty easy. He only had $18 or so in his wallet in cash, so again, not too bad. But his social security card is going to be the big issue. Now I have to find out what he needs to have to get a replacement drivers license (his needed to be renewed anyway). Pretty sure he is going to need his birth certificate, which he DOES NOT HAVE. So this could be a LOOOOONG process of just getting his new license.

I don’t understand why people have the need to steal. We are going to be getting cameras and pointing them towards my car because this is complete bull crap. We have an idea as to who did this, and I have a feeling my husband might want to press charges, because this wouldn’t be the first run in we have had with her.

Anyways, I’ll update when we get things figured out.

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