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I don’t always love where I live. There are dishonest people around here who seem to think it’s their God Given Right to get into my vehicle and take things that aren’t theirs. They seem to think it’s okay to just take the tags off of one of my vehicles. The people around here drive too fast up & down the road in front of my house and don’t care when they’re loud at night and wake people up (thank goodness for window air units that are loud LOL). I don’t have a nice house. In fact, there are people who wouldn’t live in my house, because it’s not super nice, there are holes places, and it’s not pretty, but it’s a roof over my kids’ heads, it’s clean and it’s home. There are times, I will admit that I wish I had a better house, so my kids could invite friends over without being embarrassed. That will happen one of these days, but not right now.

But one of the things I do love about my neighborhood are the pictures I am able to take. We have some amazing sunsets. We have a lake right across the road from our house. Like, seriously.. You go out our front gate of our house, walk across a street and about 10 feet in the grass and the lake is RIGHT THERE. Makes for some nice fishing.

The lake isn’t huge. According to Google, it’s only a 17 acre lake. But it’s deep. At one time I believe the lake was about 95 feet deep at it’s deepest point. I’m not sure how deep it currently is because we have so much sludge and stuff at the bottom of it, but it’s deep.

I’m not sure exactly what it is I like about this picture so much, but I have made it my cover picture on facebook lol.

And the fishing.. It’s nice.. There are some really nice catfish in this lake. There are also grass carp, blue gill, crappie and bass.

My husband, nephew and oldest son went fishing tonight and this was their catch over just about an hour of fishing. So yeah, not too bad! And of course, if you’re like my oldest, you’re not cool unless you fish in batman pajamas. HA!

All pictures in this post are my personal property. Use of them anywhere other than by me is not allowed. I use a Canon EOS Rebel T5 Camera. If you have any suggestions as to what I can do to make my photography better please let me know.

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    1. Hi MD! We only caught 2 fish that night, but we have caught a number of fish, some catfish even bigger than the ones pictured here in the almost 5 years of living here! Thank you for your comment 🙂

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